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#NoFilter Stories

Introducing our series of #NoFilter stories where teens can be real about what they’re going through with their mental illness.


Brooklyn is a survivor of depression and suicide ideation. She knows her pain is not permanent as she works through it with the help of therapy, medication, and her support system.


Annie is a survivor of obsessive compulsive disorder and social anxiety. She has turned her own heartache into hope by becoming a psychology major in school in order to help others who are struggling like she has.


Sierra doesn't want to say she's a survivor of depression and suicide ideation because it hasn’t disappeared. She's still battling it in a lot of ways. But she's learning to grow and learn from it, learning to allow herself to feel the emotions and not hide them away inside, trying to learn that she is worth being alive. She's learning that she is a valid human being no matter what emotions, thoughts or feelings she may have. Read Sierra's story.

Megan is a survivor of anorexia nervosa. She speaks of her pattern running from the reality of her eating disorder and focuses on the importance of facing and embracing your struggle.


Brynlie, a survivor of anxiety and depression is turning her pain into a story of hope by educating those around her, including those at her high school.


Whytli, who is part of our End the Stigma team, is a survivor of anxiety and depression. She focuses on growing through what she goes through. She does not let her mental illness define her.