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#NoFilter Stories

Introducing our series of #NoFilter stories where teens can be real about what they’re going through with their mental illness. We encourage you to speak up and take off the filter you’ve been hiding behind. Soon we’ll be inviting you to contact us if you want to share your story via letter or possibly video. Through sharing your story, we hope that others can find inspiration, know they aren’t alone, and raise awareness about mental illness.

“There’s an unspoken message that the only stories worth telling are the stories that end up in history books. This is not true. Every story matters. We are all worthy of telling our stories and having them heard. We all need to be seen and honored in the same way that we all need to breathe.”

-Viola Davis


Brooklyn is a survivor of depression and suicide ideation. She knows her pain is not permanent as she works through it with the help of therapy, medication, and her support system.

Megan shares her experiences struggling with anorexia from an early age and how she is moving forward in a positive way regarding body image issues.

Brynlie, a survivor of anxiety and depression is turning her pain into a story of hope by educating those around her, including those at her high school.

Whytli, who is part of our End the Stigma team, is a survivor of anxiety and depression. She focuses on growing through what she goes through. She does not let her mental illness define her.


  • sierra

    Disclaimer: The following article mentions the topic of suicide or other sensitive subjects, which may trigger negative thoughts and feelings for those currently suffering or still recovering from a mental or mood disorder. Reader discretion is advised. I’m never sure how to start these so I’ll just start with my name. Hi. My name is […]

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    Most people who know me would never guess that I have General Anxiety Disorder. People see me as someone with a ´go getter’ personality. I am smart, pretty, always on time, maintain an excellent GPA, and I know what I want in life. All my life, I have been an anxious person. Anxiety runs in […]